Remote monitoring device

Remote Monitoring Device

New Remote monitoring option for Oven Test Systems !

New feature now available for MM 6000LR 8000 , SM 4000 , DR 7000 and CRI test systems: REMOTE MONITORING device can be optionally ordered together with main equipment. This device allows a connection over internet from the Test System to the RB Automazione Service team.

Equipment status can  be evaluated remotely by our staff, suggesting any technical activities necessary to restore standard performance and reducing downtime for maintenance.

Installation of software updates will be also easy and quick.

In these challenging times for travels, this option can help you keep your equipment at top performance !

Do you  already have a MM 6000, LR 8000 and  do you want  to upgrade it with the new option?  Yes… you can !   Please contact our staff to receive dedicated assistance.

New Equipment will be commissioned easier and faster with this device. Remote support for installation and first switch-on of the equipment is now possible. : our engineers will follow up first tests monitoring the status of the equipment.

The REMOTE MONITORING device do not require any special authorization from your IT department: just a basic internet connection (for web navigation) over an Ethernet connection (RJ45 socket).

Main features are:

  • Secure VPN connection with hardware matching
  • End to End encryption
  • High speed connection and data transfer
  • No annual subscription fees, lifetime license
  • Equipment status online monitor
  • Remote check up of test trends
  • Ready to receive software updates (*)
  • No special IT authorization for connection

Please contact our staff for further information on this Option.

(*) Software Updates for main equipment are not included in the licence, availability of updates may change depending on software/hardware versions.