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Welcome to RB Automazione Web Site!

We are an ISO 9001 certified company established in Genova in 1978, that manufactures instruments for technological test on coal, coke, iron ores and raw materials. Our vast experience in the field and technological knowledge allows us to maintain our excellent reputation as a worldwide supplier of testing instruments to the major Blast Furnace and DRI plants, coke plants, iron and steel industries, mines and inspection companies.

In major detail our instrumentation can check and measure, according to the International Standards:

  • Coke Reactivity, Iron ore Reducibility, Reducibility under load, Degradation, Swelling and others.
  • Plastic properties of coal.
  • Crushing Strength of Iron Ores, reduced iron ore pellets, agglomerates, ore and coke briquettes.
  • Mechanical Strength of coke, ores and raw materials.


We are strongly committed to design and manufacture durable and easy- to-use products with the highest quality and reliability standards in order to meet customer’s expectations. We develop also custom solutions if requested by our end-users.

To learn more about RB Automazione please browse our Web site or contact us.

New option available !

Remote Monitoring device for MM 6000, LR 8000, SM 4000, DR 7000 and CRI Tests System now available !

Please click here to visit the dedicated page for more details about it !

Our products


Plastometer PL 2000

Fluidity test on coking coal


Dilatometer DL 4000

Dilatation test on coking coal

RB 1000 CCS

RB 1000 CCS Test

Cold Crushing Strength on Iron Ore pellets

CRI Test System

CRI – CSR Test System

Coke Reactivity Index and Coke Strength after Reaction

MM 6000

MM 6000

Iron Ores tests : DRI, RI, RDI and more …

SM 4000

SM 4000

Iron Ores tests : RI, RDI and more …

LR 8000

LR 8000

Iron Ores test: Reduction Under Load tests

DR 7000

Iron Ores test: Dynamic Reducibility tests